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Longlin power supply organization secondary safety regulation to improve safety skills

CLP news network news correspondent Lin shanshan reported recently, in accordance with the requirements for the safety education training plan in 2017, longlin company organization management of electric power, the power substation, a total of 21 people in the center of the NSW substation training base audivisual classrooms in baise power supply bureau second safety test.

Learned, safety examination of the year is divided into two, this is the last time this year's safety examination, purpose is to test the production crew at ordinary times for working ticket specification, electrical operation guideline and the master degree of safety, emphasized the importance of safety rigid execution.

The safety test of distribution, substation, transmission and so on three major, reference is more professional, within 15% of the total number and reference personnel in the management of electric power, the power substation is the team leader and power substation, working controller, director, general audit conducted in accordance with the proportion of 5:3:2 extraction.

Exam tougher than the last time the exam is difficult, covering much more knowledge, and there is no unified question bank, mainly investigate employee application in the actual work ability, especially for two votes, a key test on site security arrangement.

To detect the levels of the reference personnel before the company leadership with particular emphasis on the examination discipline, were held for normal on the eve of monitoring personnel must read the examination discipline, must stop cheating in examinations, cheating is direct at the lighthouse criticized and performance during the month named C.

In the course of examination, the paper takes the form of closed roll, and the reference personnel strictly abide by the discipline of the examination room, actively think, and complete independently. The examination room is in a strict and orderly order.

The safety test further inspected the longlin company grass-roots staff for safety control, two tickets, improved the safety of staff skills, the next step for the company worker safety training education direction also provide the reference basis.