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Silin thermoelectric "precision" for the annual power generation target


Factories to "control the stop" as the goal, strictly implement the "two tickets SanZhi" and "two rules" system, adhere to the "small defects but class, big defect but day" principle, to eliminate defects in "four tube wear explosion-proof, prevent wrong operation, prevent quantity of heat, protection misoperation" as a key prevention, post large simulation training and all kinds of accident handling, safety production month training and other activities, actively establish the concept of "security" is one of the biggest benefits, through the unit 1 and unit 2 B C, actively carry out management of the hidden, found hidden dangers, to complete the rectification in 126.

In the autumn, in combination with production and production facilities, equipment, a thorough examination, strengthen the regulation of important equipment maintenance personnel tracking and significantly improve equipment reliability, to the end of November, the factory transfer level 1 and 2, accumulative total refund for 1661 hours, compared to reduce 1923 hours;

The equipment elimination rate reached 99.35 percent, up 1.5 percentage points year on year.

"Essence" innovation

Factory insist on innovation, meeting held two innovation, published 17 innovation projects, and achieved good effect in the practical work, to create heat and electric field of the training room, was named the "Inner Mongolia electric power workers technical achievement" the first prize, and get a player "in 2017 the country's electricity workers technical achievement", recently, 18 technology innovation project of the factory, all of the production department, specialized collective and individual honor, reward of $210700.

Fly ash combined with retail and wholesale, the sales of fly ash and gypsum were 735 million yuan as of Oct. 31.

AGC technology public relations group is set up, and the monthly average of 1.35 million electric AGC assessment, 1.03 million was the average pay for each month, and the results of the implementation of AGC capacity were evaluated reversed.

"Lean" marketing

Factory with "the trickle became a sea power" marketing idea, the development of electric power marketing, complete product for a large number of small, grid operators pay close attention to situation, strengthen communication and adjustable, improve the load rate as index for power, small respect international competition at the same time, strengthen the reward and monthly index of small operating performance evaluation,

The fuel management department has actively communicated with the mine, strengthened coal procurement, strengthened coal management, improved coal burning methods, and ensured the "quantitative supply" of the crew.

The heating company, the market development, the active follow-up progress, and the two wholesale hot company coordination, the financial department and other financial personnel timely inspection, make the wholesale Chen qian collect 100% recycling.

The factory has taken the initiative and actively expanded its services.

There are now 30 big user deals, nine more than the previous year.