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High precision table

2017-12-25 13:22:00 High precision table Read

Accuracy grade of pressure gauge, is the permissible error of pressure gauge range to represent the percentage of, general component is 0.5, 1, 2, 2.5, 1.6, 3, 4, seven grade levels (boiler no 3 and 4), the smaller the value, the higher the precision.

For example, dial range 0 ~ 2.5 MPa precision 2.

Pressure gauges at level 5, the allowable error between the pressure value of its pointer and the actual pressure value of the measured medium, shall not exceed 2.5MPa times 2.5MPa = plus or minus 0.062 5mpa.

When the pressure gauge indicates a pressure of 0.8mpa, the actual pressure is between 0.737 5 ~ 0.862 5MPa.

It can be seen that the actual error of the pressure gauge is not only related to the accuracy, but also related to the size of the pressure gauge.

The higher the precision (the smaller the number), the smaller the allowable error of the pressure gauge.

The larger the measurement, the greater the error of the pressure gauge.

It is divided by the percentage of allowable error to the dial scale, and the greater the accuracy rating, the greater the limit value of the dial scale.

The larger the pressure gauge, the pressure gauge of the same accuracy, the greater the value of the pressure value.

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